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Round Two of the 2021-2022 teacher grant program will run from November 15, 2021 until December 15, 2021. Applications may be submitted on the website, via email or through the mail. Grants in Round Two will be awarded in January 2022.

Hempfield Teacher Grants

The Hempfield Foundation Grant Program is designed to enrich and enhance the lives of students in the classroom and allow teachers to try creative ideas without incurring financial burden.

The foundation has funded a variety of innovative programs in all disciplines from the visual and performing arts, to athletic programs and academic achievement.



  • Hempfield Foundation Grant requests should be aligned with Hempfield School District Curriculum.
  • Requests should be research-based, creative, innovative, motivational, enriching, and instructional.
  • Only submit requests for instructional materials that are not otherwise included in the district budget. Consult your building principal on building budget matters relating to your grant application.
  • Grant applications should be signed and approved by the building principal or direct supervisor.
  • Grant applications with a technology component must be approved by the district's Director of Institutional Technology.
  • First Round grant applications for the 2021 - 2022 school year must be received June 30, 2021. The second round for grant applications will run from November 15 until December 15, 2021.
  • Individual grant amounts are evaluated by the Hempfield Foundation Board and will be commensurate with the size of the target audience and impact of the project.
  • The Hempfield Foundation reserves the right to fund a grant, either fully or partially, depending on the resources available.
  • A list of matching grants or any additional funding sources for the grant activity should accompany all requests.
  • Grant requests should NOT include funds for:
    • Graduate study work
    • Capital improvement projects that come under the jurisdiction of the Superintendent’s Office
    • Training or conferences
    • Food
    • Prizes and/or incentives
  • Grant requests will be considered up to a maximum of $3,000. However, the Foundation may increase the maximum amount for projects or initiatives that will have a significant district or school-wide impact.
  • Staff members may submit one grant application/school year.
  • The recipient of the Hempfield Foundation Grant will contact the Foundation with the date and time of the program for visitation and publicity purposes at Hempfield Foundation, 200 Church Street, Landisville, PA, 17538, or email – hempfieldfoundation@gmail.com
  • At the completion of your program, please forward a brief summary of its impact to Hempfield Foundation, 200 Church Street, Landisville, PA, 17538.
Hempfield Foundation Grants Program

Grant Application:

The Round 2 grant application deadline: December 15, 2021


Elementary School

- Transportation for all 5th graders to participate in Junior Achievement Biztown program
- "Sound wall" at Centerville that allows students to identify/sound letters correctly
- Books for #Classroombookaday program at East Petersburg
- Sensory pathways to develop skill of self-regulation at East Petersburg
- "Sound wall" at Farmdale that allows students to identify/sound letters correctly
- New xylophones and mallets at Farmdale
- Vehicle STEM coding kits at LIC
- Sensory items at LIC to promote self regulation
- Vocabulary pillows at LIC
- Rubik's Cube library makerspace activity at LIC
- One school, one book program at LPC
- New stylus pens for teacher iPads at LPC
- Subscriptions to Scholastic News Magazine and "Let's Find Out" at LPC
- Nonfiction book kits at LPC

Middle School

- Second Step: A researched-based social emotional learning curriculum
- French/Spanish language library at LMS
- New items to the LMS library's makerspace area
- Reading support items at CMS and LMS
- New music keyboards for CMS and LMS

High School

- Items for the 11-12th grade life skills classroom coffee business called the The Grind
- Lab equipment for a new course on Human Biology and Health Sciences
- The digitalization of the high school newspaper, The Flash
- AP computer networking equipment
- Supplies for the Entrepreneurship 2 course
- Incentive and recognition programs for 10th graders
- Materials for a new course on American Literature
- Timing gates to provide effective speed training for students and athletes
- Membership to MBSC.TV to establish a comprehensive curriculum for phys ed.


Elementary School

- New drums for the music program at Farmdale
- Scholastic Magazine subscription at Rohrerstown
- Circuit Cube/STEM bins at Rohrerstown
- One School, One Book program at LPC
- Decodable books at Centerville
- Headsprout Literacy App at LPC

Middle School

- Virtual author visit for LMS and CMS students
- Materials for a new course at LMS focused on the Holocaust

High School

- Introduction of 5 Radical Minutes program to help students deal with stress
- Creation of a Student lounge
- BizInnovator curriculum to enhance entrepreneurial education
- Equipment for an AP-weighted film study course
- Materials for a new course called Exploring Literature through Sports

2019-2020 Grant Awards:

Elementary School

-Reading Rockets
-Second Grade Nonfiction Books
-LEGO Social Skills and Problem-Solving Club
-Comfy Cushions for Students in Library
-First Grade STEM Bins; Sensory Path Package

Centerville Elementary: Author Visit: Sarah Weeks One Book One School Program
East Pete Elementary: Fernhill Landscapes
Farmdale Elementary: Mimi Shapiro: Artist
Landisville Primary Center: Author/Artist Visit: Jen Bryant/Christiane David
Mountville Elementary School: One Book One School Program, Author Sarah Weeks
Rohrerstown Elementary: Memory Project

-Sensory Rooms
-10 Station Outdoor Fitness Trail
-Wobble Chairs
-Stability Balls
-Second Step Curriculum for Social Skills Development

Middle School

-Little Kids Rock
-Ping Pong Club
-CMS Clubs
-Comfy Cushions for Students in Library

Centerville Middle School: Artist in Residence: Patricia Scialo
Landisville Intermediate Center: VanGo! Museum on Wheels titled ARTECH

-Classroom Mini-Business
-Oak Leaf Manor Activities
-Dutch Apple Play and Mea
-Chess Boards/Pieces and Clocks

High School

-Comfy Cushions for Students in Library
-Using Texts to Enhance the Classics

Hempfield High School: Artist in Residence: Kevin Lehman

-Replacement and upgrade of old and broken equipment in the television studio
-Give a Gnome a Home
-Tree Growth
-Restore Historic Books
-Rachel's Challenge Program

Photos from Past Grant Awards:

Photo of Artist Christiane David

Artist Christiane David

Photo of Van Go! Museum on Wheels

Van Go! Museum on Wheels

Photo of Artist Kevin Lehman

Artist Kevin Lehman

Photo of Sensory Rooms

Sensory Rooms

Photo of Television Studio

Replacement of equipment in the television studio

Music Assembly in School

Art and Music Assemblies